District Bussing Information:
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LNHS Bus Contact
        • Dr. Magdalena Steytler (Assistant Principal)
                • Phone: 704-799-8555
                • Email:


All students need to watch both of the following bus safety videos.  This information will be gone over every semester with students.

 Bus Video - Evacuation Video


Students are only allowed to ride the bus they are assigned to by the routing specialist. They must get off at their designated stop only.  


Students are not allowed to ride any bus other than their assigned bus without administrator approval. In order to be approved, a note note must be provided from both sets of parents, and the decision is subject to bus capacity.


If a student moves during the course of the school year, they are required to provide proof of residence to be assigned to a new bus. 

If you need bus transportation or have bus transportation questions please contact Dr. Steytler at


Here Comes the Bus App - A school bus tracking app for parents