National Technical Honor Society



 National Technical Honor Society



·         Nominees must have a 90 minimum average in the course from which they are nominated. 

·         Nominees must have a 3.0 minimum overall average in all courses.

·         Nominees must exhibit good character and good attendance in all classes.

·         Nominees must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors currently enrolled in or having taken at least FOUR vocational courses IN A CAREER PATHWAY including one Level 2* course.

·         Nominations will be made after the first nine weeks grading period of each school year.



·         Successful nominees will be invited to join the local chapter of the National Technical Honor Society.

·         Dues will be a one-time payment for permanent membership as long as the student meets the criteria for membership.  The fee will depend upon the fee for membership in the national organization.

·         CTE Student Organizations may choose to pay these dues for successful candidates in need.


Privileges of Membership

·         Members will receive a NTHS certificate, pin, card, window decal, newsletter, and seal to be attached to member's diploma upon graduation.

·         Members may request up to three letters of recommendation from the national office of NTHS to be sent on their behalf to employers, scholarship organizations, or colleges.

·         Members may purchase Honor Cords to be worn at graduation.

·         Members may apply for the scholarships reserved for members, including the ASMO/NTHS Scholarship.



·         This Honor Society will be made up of members from the five Iredell-Statesville high schools.

·         Each high school will provide a representative to the Society who will serve as a Vice-president of the Honor Society.

·         A President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be elected from the general membership.

·         There will be two meetings per year for the total membership:

1.     A spring meeting for induction of new members and election of officers.

2.     A fall meeting for activities planning.