Iredell Statesville Schools Grading Scale

Grading Scale


Understanding how we calculate your GPA can be confusing at best!

Some classes are weighted... others are not... many are weighted differently.

Below is a list of answers to FAQs regarding student transcripts.


FAQ #1- What does "weight" mean?

Answer- Honors and AP classes offer students both the rigor of advanced curriculum AND the opportunity to add points to their GPAs! This is possible because an A in an Honors/AP class is worth more points than in an Academic course. 


FAQ #2- How many credits is each class worth?

Answer- Every class you take is worth 1 credit with only a few exceptions. Some courses, Nursing Fundamentals and Early Childhood education for example, are worth 2 credits because they each take up 2 blocks during the day. Fundamentals of Math I/ Math I and many AP courses are "year long" BUT students receive 1 credit for each part.


FAQ #3- Is it better to get an A in an Academic course or a B in an Honors course? 

Answer- We encourage students to take on the challenge of Honors/AP courses if it is the best fit for them EVEN if it means a B instead of an A. Admissions offices prefer for students to take challenging classes rather than sail through less rigorous courses just to get an A.


FAQ #4- Should I take all Honors/AP classes just to "boost" my GPA?

Answer- NO! A few things to keep in mind when deciding what classes to take... It's MUCH harder to increase your GPA than it was to allow it to drop. The only way Honors/AP classes can help your GPA is if you're prepared for the additional work associated with these classes. The best people to ask about what you're realistically ready for is your teachers, counselors, parents, and (most importantly) YOURSELF!