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Update #3
Eric Babbitt


                                                                        August 2, 2020

Hello Wildcats,

During the last week, we have been preparing for staff to return to work, developing safety procedures, and we have started outlining critical logistics to start the school year.  Our priority continues to be ensuring student and staff safety while providing the highest quality education possible.  We will continue to provide updates regularly as we approach the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.  Below are some important items needing your attention.

·      The parking application is now posted on the LNHS website.  Please review carefully.  Contact Dr. Guy if you have any questions.

·      Students schedules will be available in PowerSchool starting Thursday, August 6th.  Schedules continue to be revised at this point.  Students will be able to submit an online schedule change request beginning Monday, August 10th.  Schedule changes will be prioritized based on errors not preferences.  We are projecting an enrollment of approximately 1975 students.  This makes scheduling flexibility very difficult.  We hope to have schedule changes processed by August 17th to provide students with a smooth start to the school year.

·      LNHS will conduct a virtual open house this year.  This event will be pre-recorded with important information from teachers, counselors, and other staff.  This virtual open house experience will be available on August 13th

·      New student orientation and student onboarding will occur virtually during the first week of school, August 17-21.  We will follow an adjusted block schedule allowing for live (synchronous) virtual classes so students can meet their teachers, practice utilizing zoom, discuss class procedures and expectations, etc… Teachers will also be providing detailed information about how students are invited to campus for in-person support that begins on August 24th.  Just a reminder, LNHS students will be learning virtually with some limited opportunities to attend on campus support sessions.  LNHS will also provide a schedule that includes dates and times for synchronous learning, asynchronous learning, virtual support, and office hours.  We hope to share those schedules next week. 

·      Our staff has been working very hard to develop lessons and activities that will engage and support students.  Canvas will be the learning management system utilized by all teachers with course set ups that are similar across all content.  This should allow more user-friendly access and consistency across the school.  We understand that the start of this school year is not ideal, but we are confident that LNHS can provide an excellent educational experience for your student.  Thanks for your continued patience and support. 

Go Wildcats!

Keith Gentle




Reopening Update #2
Eric Babbitt

 July 28, 2020

Hello Wildcats,

On July 20th, the Board of Education approved our previously shared proposed learning plan.  I have attached the plan to this connect ed as well. Students at LNHS will be virtual learners for all classes, however our plan allows for targeted support both virtually and in-person while keeping students and staff safe.  We have been busy working on logistics for all facets of re-opening, including orienting new and returning students, developing scheduling processes for in-person support, and following safety requirements. 

We will be utilizing a scheduling program called Edficiency for assigning in-person and virtual support.  We will provide more information once staff have been trained on this program. Additionally, we are developing a schedule that allows for synchronous and asynchronous remote instruction for all content areas.  

Open House will be conducted virtually this year.  We are working on a format that will provide information from individual teachers, counselors, and administration.  Also, we are planning the process for onboarding all students during the first week of school.  The in-person support schedule will be implemented on August 24th.  This will allow for onboarding and identification of students for in-person support.  Stay tuned for more information in the next 2 weeks. 

Since students will only be reporting to campus as assigned to begin the school year, we will not be operating door to door bus routes. We will be providing community bus stops that are strategically placed to meet the needs of the students. Bus capacity is limited to 22 or 24 riders and they must wear a mask.  We strongly encourage families provide their own transportation to and from campus, especially since we are running morning and afternoon sessions. 

Students that drive and are invited to campus for an in-person session, may park in the student parking lots without a pass.  Student drivers must have a valid driver’s license and proof of registration and insurance.  All individuals coming onto campus will be screened including a temperature

check.  Anyone failing a temperature check will need to leave campus for the day. We will be accepting parking applications soon, but we will not collect any fees until we return to a full on-campus schedule.  Visit the LNHS website soon for more information.

We will be sending more detailed information in the coming weeks.  Please monitor connect ed, social media and our website for updates.  Thanks in advance for your patience as we navigate extremely challenging circumstances. 


Keith Gentle





Plan B  - In Person Learning Opportunities
Eric Babbitt


Good afternoon,


LNHS has completed our preliminary version of the in-person support opportunities offered under Plan B.  Please understand that we face some difficult challenges based on the comprehensive requirements related to social distancing and health screenings due to the size of our school.  This schedule will offer some limited in-person support for most subject areas two times a week.  The capacity is driven by the number of students that can socially distance (6 feet) in the classroom. 


We will work with teachers to develop a process for student requests and teacher directed invitations.  Space will be limited to the socially distanced 6 feet guidelines per classroom.  Teachers will also be available at various times for virtual assistance as well.  Those schedules will be posted prior to the start of school.  Online learning will be much more robust in the Fall and include various components such as live/recorded virtual instruction.  The expectations for online learning will mirror a traditional class to maintain the integrity of the course. 


Transportation will be another hurdle to cross based on the max capacity of 24 students on a bus.  Also, since we are providing morning and afternoon sessions, transportation at various times will be key. 


We acknowledge that any schedule other than traditional school presents challenges.  Rest assured, LNHS will provide the best level of education possible given the constraints we must follow. 



Keith Gentle

Principal - LNHS